Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jamie has been inspired to Blog it up!!!

Wow!!! I am finally starting a blog! I am proud of myself for doing it! It may take me a while to catch on but I am excited to get on the ball! I figure it's a brilliant time for me to start blogging because I am finally who and where I want to be in life... It's taken 17 years of .... a lot of poopy times to get me here, but with the help of kind friends and a loving Father in Heaven, here I am! 23 years old, single, and content to live amongst horses!!!

I really just want to thank all of my friends who helped save my life! I wouldn't be where or who I am today without your unwavering patience and Christ-like love! A few specific friends to thank publicly are...

***The entire Palmer family... especially Barbara! I love you my very dear dear friend; truly I can say you have been there through it all! Thank you!

***To my Junior High buddies (I certain it was hardest to love me during these years particularly); Hayley, Carly, Helice... your friendship carried me through many storms of my life. I love you forever for it... and still at times I am compelled to thank my Father for the examples you set for me.

***Thank you! To my high school friends... the ones who let me be me. I love you all very much!

***Cindy!!! My first college friend! Cindy, you know me... the real me, and you always love me, even when I am a butt! You will always be a huge part of my life. I love you like a sister! The last 4 1/2 years could have been hell without you! Thank you for being there and sitting next to me... right when I most needed you to!

***Heather! Ohni...
you were the best roommate I could ever dream of. You held my hair when I was sick! You took me to the dentist to get my teeth pulled! You studied with me! You cooked with me! You walked my chicken-tush down 700 North in Provo with little shame at all! You held my hand when I needed one to hold. you were the best! You were always my ohni! I love you forever!

***Dee Dee... Wow! I don't know why it took me so long to get to know you, but I am glad it happened! You are so hospitable and loving and sweet and kind! You remind me of Joan Palmer... doesn't that say it all!? I just love you! I appreciate you and Eric for letting me crash on your couch while I was figuring out my life! I am grateful to know I have so many places to turn for charity when I'm a little down. Ha! I didn't even pay you rent money!!!

***Aimee, you just straight up took me under your wing during the hardest years of my adolescent life and sheltered me the best you could! Truly you are a guardian angel! You saved my life many times. I love you!

***My family too. Especially Aunt Sue and Uncle Kip! This has been the hardest year of my life, and you are the family that stood up and protected me. I love you, and thank you... and to my cousins who love me and try to understand my need for them and their family. i love all of you! Please know that I recognize your place in my becoming whole... finally! Kates! I couldn't ask for a more understanding sister. I know it is hard to listen to me vent about people who are very important to you... but I thank you for understanding and loving me still. You mean more than the world to me. I love you so much!

***Fishy... you just loved me when I thought nobody in this world did! I needed you immensely when you came, and it was apparent by how quickly I clung to you! You have had to be more patient with my learning and growing up then any of the above friends mentioned. I appreciate your patience! I love you and cherish you! Thank you!

***Oh and you too Rob!!! You are proof to me that people can step it up! You are proof of unconditional love and friendship. I will always be grateful for you, and all I learned from you! Yes, and as you know, I will always love you. You taught me how to do that! Thank you! I still have hope for my future because of your dedication to our friendship despite all the pain I have caused you!

There are so many of you scattered everywhere I turn, I cannot name all of you!!! But to those who I have named... know that you have helped bring light and joy into my life. An inexpressible amount of joy that I never deemed possible. Oh how I was wrong! For only when we truly have felt the pain and the sorrows of life, can we experience a higher level of the joys! I am entirely different from the heavy laden Jamie Kay that some of you may remember! I want to scatter sunshine all along the way... and not to cover up my own pain, but to share my joy with all who cross my path. Just as you have done for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! May god bless all of you!

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Eric, Dee Dee, and Braxton said...

I love you Jamie Kay! You are such a great example of strength and endurance! I look up to you so much. Thank YOU for sharing your light with me!