Friday, October 17, 2008

My Unregistered Firearm Night

So, tonight I went on a date with a guy named Randy. I knew that it would be something interesting that would occupy the activity portion of our date; however, I never suspected anything quite so amazing as.... well let me start at the beginning.

Randy arrived at my ranch to pick me up for our date at 7:30ish PM. I have never seen him with facial hair, but tonight he had a beard thicker than what would take most men 5 years to grow. I am sure he is used to the reaction that I gave... mine was shock and obnoxious commenting on its thickness. We made small talk about women with excessive facial hair, and men who leave hair above their lips and clean shave everywhere else.

At dinner we had a lemon/lime eating contest. Who could bite into more lemons without making a face won... yeah, of course I won!

We proceeded to Big Lots where we purchased 3 cans of Dill Green Beans, 1 can of Tomato Juice, a can opener, and highly flammable fluid. We drove to my apartment and grabbed some tennis balls, and to the gas station for matches. While parked in front of a police car, Randy had me open both sides of all 3 Dill Bean cans and Duct Tape them together. I followed directions while Randy worked on punching holes in the Tomato juice can. We then taped that can to the bottom of our can pipe. We decided if the officer came and asked us what we were doing we would tell him the truth... "Uh.... well, we're kind of just taping these cans together officer. Seemed like a fun thing to do with ourselves on a Friday night... is that okay?" Really what was happening were the beginning stages of building our own firearm and launching tennis balls into the sky like cannon balls!!! Let's talk about creativity! Well, our cans were too big so it only worked one time... but it was so much fun. We talked about playing fire tennis... a sport I am highly fond of... but my rackets are not here in Highland with me. DRAT!!! We ate Frosty's and now I am writing about it.

I had a great time on my date tonight. There were few awkward moments, and a lot of laughing. Maybe nothing will ever come of this date, but I am so glad I went on it. The fact that I can get along so well with a guy that I have always looked up to tells me that I am worth their time. I am worth the money they send while getting to know me. I never though tI was good enough to go on a date with somebody like Randy until a few weeks ago. I was wrong... I am way good enough!!! If ya see this Randy... thanks a bunch! Good night world!

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The Conley Clan said...

Jamie Kay! I hadn't heard about this date! Sounds like Randy--FOR SURE! I guess I need to talk to him more often! :) hehe. Glad it was so much fun. Love you!