Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bucket List

I wish there were a way to freeze my mind for ten minutes so that I could focus one just one subject! I have so many things I want to do in the next year and I know that realistically working two jobs, full time school, staying in shape, and all my little side projects won't fly. Things are going to get sacrificed... so I am making a list now of the things I want to accomplish. Finally, I am making my buck list. I will post it on the right side of my page!


Jamie said...

There is a lot more but my mind is shutting down... It'll grow before it starts shrinking! :)

The Sweet Petes said...

Hey Jamie Kay~

This is Barbara:-) I am so glad that you are back to blogging again! I have checked your blog multiple times within the last year to try to see what you were up to.

I think your bucket list looks awesome. I totally can see you as a vet!!! You would love your work. I think that is really cool; it makes me want to write out a bucket list so that I can reassess my goals.

Keep blogging, so that I can follow up of the 'Life of Jamie Kay!'