Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't Give Up!

I am writing a short entry on perseverance and overcoming heartache or sorrow. I wish that certain people could understand their worth. I wish they could see themselves how I see them - but I was there once too. I couldn't dream of the day that I would finally understand why my friends were so good to me. I never thought that I deserved it. I thought that I was a failure and a loser. Well, I am not a failure. I have never been a loser, and now I wish that I could teach others the same thing, but it cannot be learned simply by me verbalizing or writing it. This must be learned through personal experience. It must be earned. To some it will come with less traumatic experience, others will not be so lucky... but more so in the end. Remember that joy is born of sorrow and suffering. It sucks, but it is the path... we cannot change it. Oh trust me, I know that hiding and pretending life is good seems easier. In fact, it is easier for a short term perspective; however, the ease that accompanies the knowledge of the beauty and intelligence within oneself is empowering. When we have labored and suffered, cried, prayed, pleaded, and...... felt the consequences (be they our own fault, or forced upon us by the selfishness of others), that is when we are free. That is when we come to understand what the term "easy" truly means. Our Savior cannot lift the burden completely until we have accepted it completely. With the acceptance that it happened as well as the acceptance of the hurt which always accompanies hard times, we can honestly let it go. I say honestly because it wouldn't be pretend anymore; we literally cast it out for good-but never without the fight. Never. Now imagine the space we will have opened up within ourselves. Think of all the junk removed from our closets, now we have room for more good things-things that we actually would like to wear. When we honestly remove the icky things, we make room for the truth about who we are. The Lord will see that space a fill it up with light if we ask Him to. I want Him to for all of us. We need Him to.