Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm getting MARRIED!!!!

Okay, okay.... I know many of you are waiting for the whole spill on how Brian and I came together. This is going to be a short entry, but rest assured that none else on Earth could bring such joy, happiness, and peace into my life. Brian is a gift from a divine orchestrator whom I have come to know and adore. Brian is a gift from God; I will always love him as such a gift should be cherished forever and ever. I know that sounds so cheesy and maybe to some folk out there slightly stomach-weakening, but I truly feel blessed.

So in November I had gone on a few dates with a guy... he was an alright guy, but I always felt like I had to bend my standards and my beliefs - in a bad way - just to make a guy fall for me. I think that I had gotten pretty good at it over the past couple of years and I was pretty fed up with having to disguise my true identity. One day I was talking to my friend Bekka (she happens to know and understand me more than anybody) and I told her that I really just needed a cowboy. My description of such was a hard-working, strong, straight-forward, honest, horse-loving man who would always treat me the ways a good girl (like myself) deserves to be treated. She agreed with me, and wished me the best of luck. Two or three days later she received an e-mail from Brian; he wanted to know if she knew any women who were looking for a cowboy/wanna-be cowboy that she could set him up with. Now from the information that I have gathered since our first date, Brian has never been one to like blind dates... so this e-mail, in my opinion, was a bolt of inspiration - one I am glad he acted upon.

There is so much more to this entry, like dating for a month, and then getting engaged - how we got engaged, how he makes all of my greatest goals and aspirations a reality, how he treats me like gold, how he never hides his true feelings from me, how I can't live without him now that I know how good life can be with him in it. Brian Christain Larsen was made for me. I have been praying for him all my life. I will add the details in the next few days... so keep watch on this page. I will also post some pictures.

I used to say that it is impossible to fall in love so fast - that it was impossible to know that you have found your perfect match in such a short period of time. I am here to say, I was wrong. Brian and I have so much to learn about one another. We know very little... (I don't even know if I spelled his middle name correctly), but it is divine that we have found one another, and it was by no accident on the Lord's part that we are getting married. Sometimes there is just one person that can make us happy for all eternity. We found each other, and I am grateful!!!

Date-by-date entries coming soon! :)


Amanda B. said...

Yeah yeah~ Come on! I need some pics! Congrats Miss Jamie! You better send me and invite! I wanna see your face!

Jeff and Jenn said...

I'm looking for pictures... and how are you doing?