Sunday, September 19, 2010

All in!

Wow! I guess it has been a minute since I have updated my blog. I have a list of excuses for that; remind me later to update you on them. I just got back from Wyoming- I had been living there since January 2009. It was a ride- to say the least! I was considering moving back, but circumstances arose that I couldn't rise above and a greater goal has presented itself to me. So I guess, I am staying here in Utah for a few more years! I will be heading back onto a college campus in just a few short months. It is finally time for me the grab my dreams and run with them. I have been clinging to a hope so vain and improbable that it has literally at times sucked the life right out me. I've worked my butt off for everything I have in life... nothing comes free. I am independent, strong, and intelligent. I think it's time to stop wasting talent; I'm all in!

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Kira said...

I love you Jamie! So excited your staying in Utah and going back to school!!