Monday, September 20, 2010

Stop Hating!

I wish there was a way in this state to be more open without being an outcast. Individuals base their opinions about where I am going when I die based off of a picture of me and not an actual occasion or event in which they participated with me. How can you develop an opinion about an individual when you haven't even talked to them for a year, and much less 5 years!!!? Let's just get this all out in the open now, so those of you who haven't overcome the stage of pointing and kingdom placing can have your facts straight instead of guessing based off of a brief glimpse of my life. I doubt anyone actually reading this has an issue anyway, but I still want to vent.

I believe in God! I always have and I always will. Because I have a piercing in my tongue, a tattoo on my side, tank-tops & little shorts, friends from the bar, friends that are strippers & whores, and I ride my horses on Sundays doesn't mean I believe less than anyone else. It doesn't make me bad. It's doesn't make me cooler or less cool... It just makes me, Me. Yes, some of these things make me a sinner - just like everyone else in this world. We all have our falls. I don't point my finger and mock others because they are less capable of loving everyone. I don't curse people to Hell because they hold grudges, or lie, or cheat, or pretend to be someone they're not. We all need to get a grip on life and stop tearing one another to pieces. Don't we tear ourselves apart enough as individuals!!!? One of my best friends is a stripper. She works three jobs to keep food on the table for her kids ever since her husband picked up and left her. Every day of her life she crucifies herself for not doing life differently before it turned the way it did; what could can another person tearing her down do!!? Stop! Stop pointing fingers. Stop praying on your rooftops so the whole world can think you're great!! You're not any better than a prostitute or a stripper. Start seeing reason. Start opening your eyes. Start believing. We are here to master ourselves... not each other. Why can't we just get that through our thick heads!!!?

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